A Caregiving Comfort: Retreat


A Caregiving Comfort: Retreat

You'd love an escape. The escape, though, eludes.

If you leave, who will pick up the pieces?

If you take off, where will you go?

If you drive away, how you will sleep at night?

You can't even get a break while you daydream about your escape because of yet another demand for your time ("I need you!").

The escape from the pain, the worry, the work seems impossible. But, wow, do you need a break.

How to escape without leaving?


Let everyone know you are retreating for the next three days. Explain that your retreat in your room (or your favorite room in the house like the kitchen) will last for two hours every afternoon (or whenever you'd like it to commence and for however long you'd like it to last). Instruct everyone how you can be reached in case of an emergency. Let them know you are attending a silent retreat which means you cannot be disturbed during your retreat hours.

Then retreat with your favorite books, recipes, music, podcasts, movies, essential oils, candles and comfy clothes. During your retreat, you can pray, draw, bake, cook, create, nap, dream, watch, lounge. Leave your worries, chores and guilt trips outside your door. They don't belong in your retreat.

(Can't retreat from your caree? Retreat from everyone else while including your caree in your retreat. Provide what your caree will need to enjoy his or her own retreat.)

Maybe you can't leave. But you can retreat.


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