A Caregiving Comfort: Shed


A Caregiving Comfort: Shed

You've shed.

The luxuries are gone.

The elaborate vacations are gone.

The relaxing Saturday afternoons are gone.

The hopeful view of the future is gone.

Some of the friends are gone. Some of the family members went AWOL, too.

So much is gone that you can't help but shed tears. And, you feel that's all that's left: Tears.


You're left with more than tears. You're left with room.

You now have room for what's most important to you because what truly doesn't matter no longer wastes your space. You now have space for who and what you truly love. You have a place to put what nurtures and comforts you.

It's like you've just found an empty shed in the backyard, ready for your tools. You now have a place to store what helps you cope, for who supports you and what energizes you. And, what you thought you lost you can now find because you can discover another way to relax on a Saturday afternoon and create a new view of the future that includes hope.

When you realize you shed what weighed you down, you find the energy to fill up your new shed with just what you want and need. It's all yours.

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Thanks Denise! (exactly what I needed to read today)