A Caregiving Comfort: Shield


A Caregiving Comfort: Shield


"You're a hero," some will tell you.

"You're a saint," others will say.

They'll want to anoint you with a shield to reflect your role as hero and saint.

You smile while you think, "Can I hide behind the shield to keep away all this pain and suffering away?"

It's tempting to view the shield as protection, that it could be the way to make this all go away. It could be what you hide behind while praying that some day you'll wake up from this bad dream and back into the life you had.

Is it possible to be shielded from life's trials and challenges?

Denial certainly can be a shield. You've watched some wear that shield of deniability and appear completely clueless about reality. That shield, though, gets heavier and heavier with regret as each denying day goes by. That's the shield that keeps them from being fully present and instead living in the past. They can't connect with those they love when they're disconnected from the present.

But that's them. That's not you. Because of your tenacity and compassion, you've definitely been given a shield of honor. With that gift, you have a choice.

Make the choice to use your shield to engage in the battle of advocacy for your caree and for yourself. Make another choice to put your shield down to keep your realistic view of your day. Being a hero isn't always about conquering the bad guys. Sometimes, it's about giving someone else a chance to be a hero while you take a break.

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