A Caregiving Comfort: Show


A Caregiving Comfort: Show

During caregiving, you wonder what you can show for your work.

Despite your hard work, your caree still declines.

Despite your regular workout, you still look, well, heavy.

Because it seems all you show comes up short, you wonder why you even show up. What's the point?

The point of the show are the reasons you care for your caree and for yourself.

The natural cycle of life means your caree will decline. Your compassionate heart means your caree declines while you provide caring, courageous company.

Your commitment to your good health will transform your future once your load lightens. You work hard today so you live better tomorrow.

Because you show up, you make a difference. It's not all about a difference that shows for an earthly audience. The angels cheer and clap for you. Believe it.

Your difference matters to and for the heart -- your caree's and yours.

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