A Caregiving Comfort: Tug


A Caregiving Comfort: Tug

Your life can feel like one tug of war after another.

You tug for some down time while everyone else tugs for some help. You tug for some help just as everyone else tugs to be left alone. You tug for some relief as everyone else tugs for more.

At times, it's the tug on your heart.

You see your caree suffer, your heart tugs. You see your life turn upside down, your heart tugs. You see the future, your heart tugs.

With so much tugging, how do keep rather than lose?

Sometimes, it's tugging back by setting boundaries, negotiating to find the compromise and educating others about your needs. Other times, it's tugging back by giving yourself time to grieve, by letting yourself acknowledge the pain, by giving space to the tears.

When the tugs overwhelm, give yourself a break. You are important. You deserve the time to focus on your good health. You are wise to take steps to plan for your own future. You are smart to add your experienced voice into critical conversations.

The tugs will happen.

Know you don't have to be tugged out to sea. You can stand up for what you need. You can receive what you deserve. You can heal from the hurts.

Feel our support. We're the regatta surrounding you.

When fear tugs, let hope tug back. Your hope lies in your courage, your creativity and your gumption. Your hope swims so you can let your fear float away.

Most important, you can be the one who tugs you into peace. You do all that you can with compassion, integrity and great care. You've earned the peace you can keep.