A Caregiving Comfort: Yes


A Caregiving Comfort: Yes

Somehow, "Yes" seems to have disappeared, replaced by "No." It's what you say and what you hear.

"No, I  don't have time to get together this week," you say.

"No, we don't have (help, support, resources, assistance, fill in the blank) for you," you hear.

Because you say and hear it, you believe it.

No, you can't have it.

No, you can't get better.

Somehow, it's like you said "No" to your own life.

How do we get back to "Yes"?

When we say "No" to what's not ours, we can find our "Yes."

Say "Yes" today to what's important to you. Say "Yes" to your possibilities and opportunities. Say "Yes" to your life goals and dreams. Without your "Yes," your priorities, possibilities and plans remain dormant. With your "Yes," your opportunities have a chance to become your reality, even during a life of caregiving.

Maybe the "No's" became the discouragement that silenced the "Yes's." You deserve to have "Yes" in your life. Because you deserve it, you can give voice to "Yes."

Say "Yes" to what matters to you. Say "Yes" to making the most of this moment. Say "Yes" to You.

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I've been saying \"no\" to most things and now I feel like I have more time to take care of my mother but I also feel like I lost myself