A Change Backwards


A Change Backwards

chair-270980_640I just moved our furniture around again.

You may recognize the look of the website. We actually went to this look in February. Unfortunately, I discovered some problems after we went to this design, which means we went to the design which just had.

Which meant Pegi @worriedwife couldn't view the website on her Kindle. And, I'm positive she wasn't the only one.

Pegi and I actually did a test before we switched designs back in February. It looked like she would be able to view the website on her Kindle but after the switch we realized she couldn't.

I've been trying to find a solution when it hit me last night: Why not go back to see if the problems have been resolved? And, they were so we went back and Pegi can now view the website on her Kindle!!!

Thanks, everyone, as always for your patience and help. I so appreciate each of you and your special gifts you give to us by spending time with us.

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I was scared, Denise, that you had lost control of your site and the changes didn't come from you! But glad to know all our friends are still there.


Just love being able to curl up in a red chair with an old friend. Like CareGiving.com. Any way, shape or form.