A Change in our Registration Process


A Change in our Registration Process

goal-143082_640 We're becoming a bit of a gated community.

I've changed our registration process this afternoon.

I've put in place a system so that only family caregivers can join our site. And, to ensure that family caregivers are our only members, I'm asking anyone interested in joining us to request a membership.

Before, our registration process was open which,  unfortunately, meant that individuals joined simply to promote and plug their work. And, with our open registration, spammers have gotten through, no matter how tight I've battened down the doors.

In essence, I've closed our registration process so really and truly only family caregivers (those caring for a family member) can join. The extra precaution ensures that our community stays safe and protected.

If you ever see a member post or share messages that seem inappropriate, please feel free to report the member. You can click "report user" on the member's profile page

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a private message through the site or leave a comment, below.

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You're okay, Maria, because you are a volunteer. :) This won't affect you.

RoaringMouse 2.0

Understand the need both for our protection on a compassion level and via the technology level. Do you need me to re-register then?