A Cheat Sheet: Dinner with a Friend Who Just Broke Her Nail


A Cheat Sheet: Dinner with a Friend Who Just Broke Her Nail

(Editor's Note: Today we begin a new series called "Cheat Sheets." We'll share easy-to-remember tips to help you through caregiving's most hair-raising and patience-testing moments.)

nail-polishWhen Amanda called to invite you to dinner, you immediately said "Yes." You've been housebound for too long--you had a cold, your caree had the stomach flu and your cat is now incontinent. A dinner out is just what you need.

Except you forgot about Amanda's personality quirks until you meet her at the restaurant. She just broke her nail closing her car door and the world is now ending. A dinner that looked like a great escape suddenly feels like a night in jail.

What to do?

Here's your cheat sheet on how to manage dinner with a friend who just broke her nail and can't stop complaining and whining about the smallest problem in the world while you battle the truly difficult challenges in life.

A Family Caregiver's Cheat Sheet:
Dinner with a Friend Who Just Broke Her Nail

1. Order a drink.

2. Have fun with the server.

3. Ask the server lots of questions about the menu and the daily specials.

4. Order the dinner you really want.

5. Listen to the interesting dinner conversation at the table next to you while pretending to listen to your friend.

6. Order dessert.

7. Motion to your friend when the server presents the bill. "Oh, this is my friend's treat," you say. "You see, I just got over a terrible cold. I care for my (insert relationship to your caree) who just got over the stomach flu. And, my cat isn't well. It's been a particularly stressful 10 days. I'm so lucky to have such a generous friend."

8. Thank your friend. "Thank you so much, Amanda, for treating me to dinner. I just loved my drink, my dinner and my dessert."

9. Listen to wonderful music on the way home.

10. Give your caree a "Good Night" kiss and curl up in bed with a great book and a promise to mail a thank you note to Amanda tomorrow.

What suggestions would you add?

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