A Cheat Sheet: Your Boss Follows Your Blog


A Cheat Sheet: Your Boss Follows Your Blog

duck-101608_640(Editor’s Note: Recently, we began a new series called “Cheat Sheets.” We’ll share easy-to-remember tips to help you through caregiving’s most hair-raising and patience-testing moments.)

On a whim, you started a blog about caring for your in-laws. You began by treading gently into the unfamiliar territory of sharing your private life in a public way. You fretted about the first few posts: What would others think? Would anyone leave a nasty comment? With each blog post, you gained more and more courage. Now, you think of your blog as your trusted confidante, that safe haven to speak freely and openly about what makes you crazy during your caregiving day.

As you become more comfortable writing about your day, you start to share your blog posts on social media. It's exhilarating to read comments from visitors to the blog and it's becoming easy to overlook the infrequent unkind comment. You love connecting with others who understand.

Until Saturday morning when you notice you have a new follower on your blog.

Your boss.

What to do?

A Cheat Sheet:
Your Boss Follows Your Caregiving Blog

1. Resist the urge to delete your blog and take on a pen name.

2. As you fight the panic, sit down with a cup of coffee.

3. Take deep breaths as you think, "Oh, no! How am I going to write what I want when I'm worried about what my boss thinks???"

4. Talk it out with your spouse. Ask: "What's the worst that could happen?"

5. Decide not to decide anything right now.

6. Go about your day.

7. Wake up on Sunday morning and tell yourself,  "It's your story. It's good to tell it. It's okay that your boss reads it."

8. Go back to work on Monday and do your best job.

9. No need to mention anything to your boss.

10. Continue to tell your truth in your blog.

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Dude, you left out step 11. Get fired - your boss was digging for ammunition to use against you. He found it. So did your know it all relatives. Truth.


Blogging feels so much easier when strangers are your readers. I think it's much more rewarding when blogging shows those in your life your full life. It's scary to be vulnerable and it's also ultimately very satisfying.