A Cheat Sheet: Your Friend Tags You in His Vacation Photos


A Cheat Sheet: Your Friend Tags You in His Vacation Photos

(Editor’s Note: Recently, we began a new series called “Cheat Sheets.” We’ll share easy-to-remember tips to help you through caregiving’s most hair-raising and patience-testing moments.)

cheerios-15180_640This really could be the worst week of your life.

Nothing is going right. You can't get to work on time, you can't find a home health aide who knows how to care for your caree, you can't get to the store to buy groceries, you can't sleep. You're surviving on Honey Nut Cheerios, SpaghettiOs and, well, grit. Because you really just want to stay in bed rather than deal with all of these problems.

Life is officially a nightmare.

And, while it seems it can't get worse, it does. Your friend is on vacation in Paris and posts photos every possible second on Facebook. But, that's not it. Your friend tags you every time he posts a photo. "Hey Joe! Wish you were in this museum with me." "Hey Joe! Wish you could have tasted this amazing dinner." "Hey Joe! Wish you could have enjoyed this wine with me."

Of course, you think, "Hey, Jerk! Wish you would get run over by a Paris taxi."

Which is not really the comment you can leave.

You've liked a few of the posts, just to be polite. But, all these photos and tags have worn out their welcome. Sure, you take time off from your job but it's to provide care. You haven't had a vacation in years.

You can feel an explosion coming on.

What to do?

A Cheat Sheet:
Your Friend Tags You in His Vacation Photos During the Worst Week of Your Life (Or So It Seems)

1. Decide it's okay that you don't want to "like" or comment on or even see your friend's posts.

2. Stop checking Facebook.

3. Set up a filter in your Inbox so any Facebook notifications go directly into a special folder.

4. Do not check this special folder.

5. Enjoy the vacation from your friend's vacation.

6. Decide it's time you started planning a vacation.

7. Take out a map and decide where you'll go when you can.

8. Open up a savings account so you can begin to save for that vacation you'll take as soon as you can. You commit to saving $10 a week.

9. Form a response so you'll be ready when your friend returns home and says, "How did you like all those photos? I was thinking of you on my trip."

10. Your response will be, "I'm so glad you had a great trip. I appreciate that you were thinking of me. It was a difficult week for me and I just didn't have time to be online. But you inspired me to think about taking a trip. Let's get together soon so you can tell me about your trip."

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