A Cold, an Appointment, Still Alice


A Cold, an Appointment, Still Alice

kleenex-5610_640When my son was little and going to daycare one or two days a week, he was constantly getting sick, and so was Mom. He would be better in a couple of days, but she would be down for a couple of weeks. Once his little immune system starting functioning better, he stopped getting sick so much, and she hardly ever did again. We've been really lucky with run-of-the-mill viruses. But we caught one this week. She and I were both pretty miserable on Monday; I was awake in the wee hours on Sunday because I could not stop sneezing.Then I was sneezing and blowing my nose all through class Monday morning--so pleasant. Today, though, aside from a bit of congestion, I'm back to normal. She is still sick, though. With her high blood pressure and diabetes, she can't take most cold medicines and I spent a lot of time on Tuesday trying to find out what she *could* take. The doctor's office didn't call back, but I reached a pharmacist who recommended a cocktail of Claritin, Mucinex and Tylenol. So I bought those and gave her a dose yesterday and today, and she's a little better. I made a chicken soup that we had for dinner three nights in a row. She is still miserable, though.

I reminded her about the neuropsychological testing on Friday, and she had of course forgotten about it. She didn't seem frightened by it, just dreading being tested. I'm sure she won't enjoy it. I just hope she's well enough to make the testing worthwhile.

The appointment I had was with a senior care manager. It was pricey, but she was very generous with her time and gave me so many ideas for home modifications and information resources. She gave me some concrete information on assisted living, rehab and skilled nursing facilities in our area, so I feel like I know something about that system now and the process for getting into one, if needed. We talked about a local version of Life Alert that costs about $40 a month and I'm wondering if that's the right thing to do, and if now is the right time. She encouraged me to contact her with any questions, so I feel like I've established a new link to a helpful resource. I had had a long talk with my husband the night before, trying to organize my thoughts for the meeting, and then the meeting itself went very well.

I finally took the plunge and read the book, Still Alice. I'd been extremely curious but afraid of it for so long. It's a very good book. It's the story of a person with early onset Alzheimer's told from her point of view. The author said that she got a lot of positive feedback from dementia patients and their families. I'm so much more accepting of the idea now that Mom is dementia, it wasn't as hard to read as I thought it would be. But I am feeling a little bit anxious about all the symptoms that I might have too  . .

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<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/lilmagill/' rel=\"nofollow\"><a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/lilmagill/' rel=\"nofollow\">@lilmagill</a></a>, \r\n\r\nWhat stood out to me was your last line: \"But I am feeling a little bit anxious about all the symptoms that I might have too . .\"\r\n\r\nI certainly know that feeling. Both my mom and maternal grandmother had Alzheimer's. It's hard not to worry about it, but I try not to. I wrote about it on aftergiving: &lt;a href=&quot;http://www.aftergiving.com/2014/11/more-than-grief/&quot; More than Grief. At least for now, I found out my symptoms were probably related to low thyroid level.


Oh gosh, talking about the horrible bug going around.....phew, I'm just barely getting rid off it. I'm always so careful not to catch it, as my husband is immunosuppressed. Somehow I got it and it was just awful. it was very hard to do anything feeling miserable. Went to the doctor and was prescribed some medication for congestion and help me sleep. Lots of rest and fluids. I had to turn the medication down as I have to be alert and at the ready for anything that might come up. The doctor looked at me and said \"you need to make sure and get a lot of rest\". I just agreed.... I didn't feel the need to explain that full time caregivers don't really get to rest. We are on call 24/7.


Thanks, <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/worriedwife/' rel=\"nofollow\">@worriedwife</a>. I think the bug is passing now, but I'm sure Mom will hold onto it the longest. Thanks for the feedback on Life Alert - maybe we will do it soon. It's hard to decide to spend that money now. . . but it is clearly such a good idea.


Hi--I hope your mom is feeling better!\r\n\r\nYou are so wise to meet with the senior care manager. I'm so glad it went well and that you feel like you have information which could become solutions. \r\n\r\nI haven't read Still Alice but am anxious to see the movie. \r\n\r\nAnd, kudos for conquering another fear!!


I'm just hoping and praying we won't get sickness in this house, for it's been such a traumatic time otherwise! Glad you finally got to Still Alice. Unfortunately for me, it's still on my TBR and to watch (Julianne plays the part brilliantly, I'm sure). But, another glowing review has me really excited to read it, in spite of the emotional material. *G*

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