A Day on the Farm - Easter


A Day on the Farm - Easter


So today on the farm the mood was much brighter than just because it was Easter. We had a real present from my sister, Jennifer. A surprise visit at that!

With all going on with my mom and my toddler I rarely make time for myself or go do things just for me, but we like to celebrate holidays in whatever county we are in. In these celebrations or holidays on the farm we are really trying to build new traditions, happy ones that we can all look back on with pictures and good memories. Today was Easter; it also happens to be our immediate family's second one together. As much as this last year brought us so many changes, it also brought us closer.

My sister Jennifer is having a rough time in her life but the pieces of her puzzles are fitting into place. She was homeless a year ago with five children and facing divorce. We live in a small town on our little farm outside of central valley of California. When we came home in January we saw her for the first time in seven months and she was a month pregnant and in jail. She is fighting addiction and she has entered rehab.

I say all that to say: She was able to come home on a home visit this weekend for Easter.

... so our day went a little like this.....

  • 4:30 am Husband leaves to go get my sister

  • 7:43 am up with my son, sister and husband come in

  • 8:00 am my moms meds

  • 8:27am breakfast was in the oven and Easter baskets were opened

  • 9:30 all the ladies are getting ready for a day at church with no kids

  • 9:47 leaving to give my self enough time for traffic on Easter Sunday and get gas again...

  • 10:20 church

  • 1:30 home from church/ mom meds/lunch

  • 1:30 my sister gets sick

  • 1:58 my mom gets really feisty after taking the meds and is starting to be rude to my husband

  • 2:10 Easter egg hunt/ more meds

  • 3:00 the visit turns to our past and issues of Mom's health; she retreats to her room

  • 4:00 leave to take my sister back, caregiver came in so we could have some personal time talking about life and our decisions

  • 5:55 drop Jen off and call to check on mom,  grab something to eat for my son, chat with my husband.

  • 8:06 we get get home get evening meds ready

  • 8:30 mom is complain of pain but she has had all her pain meds for the day

  • 9:56 mom is sound asleep, hopefully for the night but wakes up around 3-5 am

  • 10:30 talk with the other caregiver, Shelly, and with my husband

 As busy as this day was I wouldn't of change it for the world! Thank you, Jennifer, for being brave enough to admit we as a family need help. Thank you, Mom, for being you and being so courageous during this season of change on the farm.

She finally caught him after all these years! She finally caught him after all these years!

"oh  momma more pleaze" "oh momma more pleaze"

Best Easter present of all! Best Easter present of all!

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