A Day on the Farm: Friday, A day of Total Rest (Well, Almost!)


A Day on the Farm: Friday, A day of Total Rest (Well, Almost!)

gym-in-a-swimming-poolToday was a great morning. I woke up and headed to my doctor's appointment and got nothing but good news about my shoulder and all that entailed after the senior day care episode.

I went home and picked up my mom and she got her hair done at the local salon and had a wonderful time. While she was getting her hair done, I ran by Walmart to pick her up a swimming towel and a bathing suit and a mug that reads "Moms are like dads only smarter and prettier." I packaged it all up and off we went to get my mom from her hair appointment.

The ladies there just adore her and are looking forward to seeing her every other Friday.

After she got in the car I gave her her gifts and let her take it all in. When then went to Jamba Juice and shared a smoothie.

On the was to our final destination of a day of rest is the pool/spa. My mom needs assistance changing in and out of her bathing suits and clothes and showering before she enters the pool. She had so much fun she got a little dehydrated so we sat in the shade sipping out of our new mug, just smiling.

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Hi Robin! Sounds like a beautiful day.\r\n\r\nWhat happened to your shoulder? How is your mom doing at day care?


What a sweet day for you and your Mom! Sounds like a day of good memories in the making!


I look forward to seeing or hearing about how her hair turns out. Does she ever leave the house, even into her yard? Good luck. cant wait to hear about it!


Good luck, reassurance is the key and a few deep breathes and it will be a breeze. How love to see how her hair turns out