A Day on the Farm: Healing Isn't Always Easy


A Day on the Farm: Healing Isn't Always Easy


LostUpdate on my mom: a) three med changes in the last two weeks b) mood swings increase c) paranoia increase d) delusion thing increased e) turned in a 30-day notice to move out.

Update on myself: numb, hurt, detaching, don't know what to do or where to turn for help. She has said some very very inappropriate things about this family and about my husband.

I am worried that due to all of the changes in her life that she is now lashing out at me. I haven't been paid a single dollar to take care of my mom, not that I want money to take care of her, but gas money would be nice. And now she is convinced I am out to get her and so is my husband.

I am feeling very lost.

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Thank you so much Jan, I could really use a phone call.


Wow, Robin. Now I understand why you need to talk. I am so sorry you are going thru this. \r\nWhen you said there was a 30-day notice, is that your Mom turning in a notice to you that she is leaving your house? Why is that appropriate if she doesn't pay anything anyway, or is it just her delusions speaking?\r\nIt's very hard to disconnect the head-knowledge (she is talking from dementia) from the heart knowledge (she really doesn't mean the hurtful things she's saying). So much easier to say than to do. \r\nI hope you and your husband, and you and her doctor, can put up the solid front she needs right now.\r\nI'll try again to give you a call.