A Day on The Farm - Monday, Not so Usual


A Day on The Farm - Monday, Not so Usual

spending time hiking with my son and husband! spending time hiking with my son and husband!

After the joy of Easter has worn off and the sugar high is gone, exhaustion hits me like an overwhelming storm. Too tired to think but too awake to do much of anything. So I tried to sleep and woke up like any other Monday on the Farm.

CJ, my toddler, wakes first, then normally my husband, m self after a few cups of coffee then Mom slowly comes out to have her morning smoke and coffee.

Well, today started off like any other Monday--phone calls, errands, snotty noses and a very happy mom. But it was just an unusual kind of day. It has been cloudy and overcast all day and it really set the mood for me. I had to run to town to do errands. My husband was kind enough to take the day off to spend it with our son and finish up a couple projects here on the farm.

So here the adventure begins: Mom and I off to town...With no husband or baby in sight! Can anyone say ladies day!?

As planned, we go straight to Walmart to return a couple things and look for some maturity clothes for my sister. At Walmart my mom realized she doesn't have her Wells Fargo card and begins to panic. She is upset and frustrated on why she can't buy a phone  card. All I can do is simply explain that her card is at home and it's not a problem, that I can buy it for her. But oh I was then stealing her money. And the looks of the people where amazing; some people tried helping explain to my mom the situation and explaining I was only trying to help. She demanded to go home right then and there. Well I asked if she wanted a smoke break to think about everything that was happening. After successfully  buying her phone card and getting my errands done we can home home right? Wrong. Forgot medication pick up, then home.

More stressed followed as we went to go pick up her prescriptions at the local pharmacy. They weren't ready and we had to wait.Trying to fill time I ran a couple more errands. YAY. Finally done then headed home.

My husband is a math tutor in the evenings and Mondays are a normal tutoring day, except its spring break and everyone is still out, so no tutoring for him.

When we get home my husband hands me an envelope and says, Can you please go read it upstairs. I smile and tell him he is silly, grab the card from him and mad dash for the second story off to our room to read whats in the card. It's a RANDOM DATE NIGHT, dinner and a movie. A caregiver will be here shortly and a babysitter has been arranged for our son. Got to go get ready!

Thanks for all  love and support of all caregivers and families. I will keep you updated.

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Laura Hart

What a wonderful husband! I hope you had fun and were able to relax a bit.