A Day on the Farm: Oh, What a Day!


A Day on the Farm: Oh, What a Day!

The alpha female MaryJane The alpha female MaryJane

Today was an earlier morning than normal. With my husband trying to pick up jobs to make extra money, it often means a very long week day for myself and my mom.

Today started around 4:30 in the morning. It was a crisp morning which means my Mom's back and neck are going to give her problems. As the smell of coffee filled the house the sun was nowhere in sight. I dragged myself out of bed and remembered I have to be in town at 5 a.m. Oh no! 13 miles and 35 minutes to be there--it was gonna be stretching it. We live off of an old winding highway, add construction and traffic and I'm already starting to become overwhelmed with my day.

Hen in the hen house Hen in the hen house

I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out the door. When returning home I was there to be with my son as he woke up. He looks at me and asked for "do do," our farm dog, Hunter, and my heart melted.

Hunter is very special to my son, as he is to the whole farm. He notifies us when people are coming. Hunter also heards the goats, giving them new grazing area and exercise. He protects the chickens and ducks but most importantly Hunter is a service dog for my mother. Hunter provides constant supervision along with help like opening doors and gates for my mother. He also alerts when her anxiety attacks or when she is more likely to fall. He is trained in alerting when she wanders at time. Hunter isn't just a dog; he is a FARM dog. Hunter makes it possible for my mom to live with us.

The Farm Dog The Farm Dog

Heart in my hands, I began the day at the house. First I wake my mom up with a hot cup of joe and her medications. She likes to wake up on her own so I often venture back into the kitchen to start on breakfast. Open the fridge and, oh, no, only one egg, what are we gonna do? Don't have time to collect eggs or run to the store before my husband has to work my solution: Lets go get our blood work done! Exciting I know. :) But since we were gonna have to fast or suffer through cold cereal, Mom and I choose blood work than breakfast afterward.

My feelings of being overwhelmed hit me again as everyone got into the car to head to town. My husband off to work. My mom, CJ (my son), and myself off for errands, blood work, bank, gas, and shopping. Oh what a day!

At 1:30 p.m., I had an appointment at the Senior Day Activities and my mom was accepted and starts on MONDAY!!!! So as of next Monday, my mom will be going to a day program two days a week. This was so important to me and I have been working on getting her into the program for almost three months now. And today was the day she was accepted. During the appointment due to my husband working, I had to take my toddler CJ with us. And let's just say I am so glad that we are getting this help. And she can go and be independent and make new friends in the area.

After a nice taco dinner, my husband headed out again to work. My mom has settled in for the evening and there is a sense of peace that has settled over the farm tonight. In another few weeks we will also be having my adopted aunt and uncle move in next door so my aunt can be a caregiver to my mom also.

Today we also found out that my sister is having a baby boy and he is due to meet us all in September. And I get to spend all day with my sister!

Oh, what a day.

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I love hearing about your day, on the farm! What a blessing for you and your mom to get into the Senior Day Care. I love that Hunter has so many jobs to do along with being your son's special friend. I am looking forward to hearing how your mom adjusts to her new schedule next week!