A Delicate Balance


A Delicate Balance

lilies-264093_640(We welcome Vicki, who cares for her parents, to our blogging team. You can connect with her on her profile page: @vickinmaine.)

Today was my dad's follow-up appointment with his primary care after coming home last Wednesday from rehab following a first episode of congestive heart failure. His sodium levels are still alarmingly low, and his doctor reintroduced a medication for low thyroid function that he feels may help raise Dad's sodium levels safely, hopefully without causing him to retain fluids and go back into congestive heart failure.

I was impressed with the doctor's way of addressing all of the issues and our questions about this new situation. He made it clear that constant monitoring of the sodium and thyroid levels would be important in the next few weeks, and luckily there are RNs coming through the local Visiting Nurses Association as often as ordered by the doctor. He also gave me instructions as to how to get set up on Dad's online medical records account and now when I fly home (800 miles away) on Wednesday, I can still see the test results as they come in and as he manages Dad's medications to try and achieve his delicate balance.

Leaving my folks, who are 88 and 83, will be incredibly hard on Wednesday. We have personal care supports set up for four evenings a week to help out with errands and housework, along with the skilled care from the VNA. I know they are both in good hands, and I also know that the only way to test the supports and know if they are working is to follow through with my plan to go home and come back in three weeks when I have another school break. I have missed all of the month of February at my two teaching jobs because Dad went into the ER for CHF  the second day I was here for a regularly scheduled "check-in" visit.

Thinking of the lilies of the field and the sparrows in the air, and placing my dad in the loving arms of the Good Shepherd for these next few weeks. Praying for this delicate balance to be reached.

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I am so glad you are blogging, Vicki!\r\n\r\nMy heart hurt as I read your post. It's so hard to leave. It's important that you do go back home, though. You can't be two places at the same time and home is where you now need to be. Now that it makes it any easier. :(