A Furry Stress Buster


A Furry Stress Buster

(Disclosure: While the following post is sponsored by Mirum, all opinions are my own.)

My parents and I are stressed out. They moved to an apartment in June and sold their house in December. They've been working to clear out what remains in their home in time for a February 1 closing date. While a deadline gives an end date, it also gives the three of us too much worry. Will we have a clean, empty house on January 31?

The stress, unfortunately, stresses our relationship.

Our break from stress came in the form of a Hasbro Companion Pet, a furry friend who only requires love. I brought the tabby cat to my parents' apartment on Friday, opening up the box for my mom to see the cute cat inside.

While the tabby cat sat on my dad's lap, my mom read aloud the instructions. "Pet the cat's left cheek and it will move its head toward your hand," she directed. My dad did and, as promised, the cat's head moved. Prompted by my mom, my dad pet the cat's back of the head to elicit a purr. More petting led to the cat rolling on its belly, an obvious ploy for more. The top photo shows Felix, named by my dad, mid-meow. The bottom photo shows Felix rolled over, ready for a belly-rub.

Each time the tabby cat turned or purred or meowed, my dad's face lit up. And, that really made me smile. The tabby cat took our focus off the elephant in the room (our stressed-out move) and instead on a simple pleasure of simply being with each other. Felix arrived just when we needed him.

Hasbro Companion Pets, available at Walmart, feature:

  • Built-in sensors that respond to motion and touch

  • Realistic, soft fur that looks and feels like a real cat

  • Cat-like movements and sounds

  •  VibraPurr that sounds and feels like real purring

Would you like to give a Hasbro Companion Pet to your caree? I have a tabby cat, just like the one my parents have, to give away. For a chance to win, tell me about your caree in our comments section, below, on or before Sunday, January 8. I'll announce a winner on Monday, January 9.

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Love this!


Thank you all so much for sharing about your caree. I can't tell you how much I wish I had one for everyone. \r\n\r\nI selected the winner randomly by picking names out of a hat. <a class='bp-suggestions-mention' href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/kstump/' rel='nofollow'>@kstump</a> is our winner! Look for an email from me, Kathy.


These sort of things- \"robotic pets\"- are very popular in Japan. I think maybe they invented them. Many people in Japan live in cramped conditions, in \"mansions\"- big apartment buildings- where pets aren't allowed. So the pet-loving Japanese got inventive and created robotic pets, and special cafes where the patrons get to cuddle and play with real animals while enjoying tea or coffee. \"Cat cafes\" are hugely popular. Almost a G rated version of the host/hostess bar.\r\nAnyway, for those who can't keep a real animal for whatever reason, these are great. Just be sure to keep plenty of batteries on hand!


Hi all. Hope you are having an uneventful evening


I've looked after my lovely mum for 11 years now - she has Parkinson's with dementia. Every morning I sit with her on her bed and we watch cat videos on my phone and she points and smiles. That's always a good start to the day.

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