A Glass of Wine, Because... Pee Happens


A Glass of Wine, Because... Pee Happens

Well this is a first. Oh joy of joys. The day went from "hey good news" to "oh hell" - okay, that part isn't the "first", that happens quite a bit actually.

Okay first the good news: got the financing approved to replace the roof on the house. It isn't leaking but I don't think it can take one more winter. Need to keep a roof over our heads after all. But sheesh! That kind of thing is pricey. But I digress. I do that a lot, if you keep reading my posts, you'll get used it. Eventually. Maybe. I hope.

ANYwho, Mom went to put on her PJs and brought them out for me to help. Buttons are beyond her now. They were all wet - the PJs, buttons were okay. Cold wet. Been wet a long time. Like, oh since this morning or maybe last night. Oh yippee.

Backing up for a bit. When I went to wake Mom this morning she seemed upset about something, trying to tell me something. She didn't want to get up, but indicated that she wasn't sick. Shook her head no when I asked if there had been an accident. Now I'm wondering if this is what she was trying to tell me. It sucks that she can't talk at all. I didn't hear her get up this morning

In any case. I went to get her a different pair of PJs... they too were all wet - which is what happens when you put wet things in a drawer with dry things. So I checked the bed. Comforter is fine, blanket too. Sheets very damp. And that waterproof mattress pad? Soaked.

Thing is it could be cat pee. It smells quite strong, not so much human so... Could be her cat is annoyed at being in one room for the rest of her life while other kitties have the run of the house. OR it could be that Mom didn't wake up in time to make it to the bathroom. At this point who the hell knows?

So I get out the OdoBan and the hairdryer. Spray the bed then dry it with the hair dryer. Did I mention that I had wanted to watch Will & Grace? That Will & Grace was on as I was dealing with all this? That I missed the entire thing?

I got the first load of sheets and PJs into the washer and explained to her that I would be getting a new mattress pad and some pants she can wear to bed - told her she didn't have to wear them all the time, just to bed so we didn't have this trouble again. She didn't go into raving "no" mode - was interesting. No attempted argument.

Either way, I have ordered a new mattress pad from Amazon. Should have known a $20 one wasn't going to cut it. Yippee. Gotta love how expensive this dementia thing is getting. And then there is finding a good price on Depends. Double yippee.

So here I sit on the couch, Rumba kitty beside me, glass of wine in my hand while the second load of laundry churns away downstairs because tonight at least... pee happens.

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Babs...I stock up too on the Walgreens brand. Mom actually finds them to be more comfortable. I think the first Tuesday of every month (at least here anyway) is senior day, so we get a discount in addition to the typical buy one get on 50% off deal....And I was going to cancel my quarterly wine club shipments but this post reminded me why I need to keep it...Sorry about missing Will & Grace.