A Good Check-Up Ending on a Sour Note


A Good Check-Up Ending on a Sour Note

Right now I don't know if I'm frustrated, wanting to cry or just royally ticked off. For awhile now Gramma has had a trigger finger. It's not exactly a comfortable situation and not the best finger to have it in (middle finger). While she was at South Gate one of the PT women grabbed it and twisted it during therapy. Gramma said she felt something pop and she said she almost hit the woman because of the pain.

That was a little over a month ago.

The OT woman gave her some exercises to do over the weekend thinking that its just the trigger finger and nothing else but it caused the finger to swell up so much that it looked unreal.

Today it was brought up in the check up with the doctor who is absolutely furious about what has happened. The PT woman popped the tendon on her finger. After the appointment, we went over to have it X-rayed so we can find out the extent of the damage. But so far we have two options, surgery or no surgery. Gramma doesn't want to do surgery especially one so extensive so she has basically lost the use of her left hand and she's left handed.

We're reaching out to South Gate to let them know what happened. Gramma told the nurses at the time but it was never really passed on if at all. So we'll get in touch with the administration and let them know what happened. The woman that did it was with a different company and we know they no longer work there as they moved the contract to another PT company but we're trying to get word to that company so that they know what happened and it won't happen to someone else.

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RoaringMouse 2.0

Stay persistent in trying to follow up with that person to get them to take responsibility. If you can't track them...I'd get in touch with your local licensing authorities...those who require that certification for her to be legitimate to provide therapy and put a complaint on her record directly with them.


Oh my gosh, what a headache, with your Gramma bearing the burden of such horrible treatment. I am so sorry to hear this, and the kind of management that allows such things to happen and no one take responsibility. I hope someone can give her some relief soon.


Good luck in getting a response. A few years ago one of the goofy nurses in the hospital decided to give my wife a shot in her wrist and hit a nerve that left her with no feeling in part of her hand for months. We reported it to multiple people to no end. No one seemed to really care.