A Help Bank


A Help Bank

christmas-tree-1091532_640I have an aunt who lives on a limited income. She would love to have help in the morning and afternoon but doesn't because she can't afford it.

My parents, who have the means to hire help, prefer to do as much as possible without help even though a little bit of help would help.

I once coached a family caregiver who also had the means to have help. It took more than a year of coaching, nudging and finally demanding that she use the help available to her. "The lack of help hurt her husband and her children," I told her. "And, it's not fair to others who don't have help that you don't use the help you have available."

It's ironic that help doesn't seem to come in the right amounts. For those that need it most, they may struggle to find it the most.

I think about employees who use the sick days they've accumulated to help a co-worker who's seriously ill take time off with pay. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a help bank? When you don't need help, you deposit what you don't need so others who do need help can use it.

Of course, a help bank is a pie-in-the-sky idea.

Or, is it?



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Lillie Fuller

I can think of a lot of people I would love to give some of my time to!


Yes. Excellent idea..........