A Journey in 5 Movements


A Journey in 5 Movements

broken_heart_by_lucaszoltowski-mdwhen did this all begin

this slide into hell

with its cacophony of emotions

arising from underground

searing the heart and mind


when did our dreams shatter

like glass strewn in a desolate alley way

hearts ripped open

never seeming to mend


how did we lose the life we had

that seemed to stretch on forever


time passes

so much to endure

the wounds stay open

but we struggle just the same

to manage all the pain


life goes on

we make the best of it

we can tell our story

we can claim our power

and pray to be heard

that no one should have to lose

just about all

and be separated

without help

to salvage at least some of what we dreamed

Good-night love................me



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BTW The heart image posted with the blog really captures the feelings and experiences expressed. Thank you so much!!!


Thanks so very much ejourneys, Christine, Denise, and Pegi. (((Hugs to each of you. It was very healing to write it. I'm deeply moved by your comments_mysql. Blessings......


Bob--This is stunning. Thank you.


Bob, this is so powerful, beautiful, and raw -- devastating and uplifting at once. Thank you for this. (((Hugs)))