A Love That Will Not Let Me Go


A Love That Will Not Let Me Go

I am standing in a thick, black darkness. I am surrounded on all sides by this darkness. I begin to feel as if the darkness has substance. I move my hands to touch it. I imagine it feels like a rich velvet material. I sense I am facing towards something but the depth of the black darkness numbs my senses.  I begin to know the darkness is the dread in my heart. I am, for the moment, willfully blind to the what lies ahead of me. I sense a vast, unyielding space and I wish to back off from it, turn and run. I wish for the light and the innocence of a time I believe I remember yet the memory does not penetrate the darkness.

A wind begins to gently blow tousling my hair as it swirls the darkness around me. A low, whistling of wind blowing over and under something comes to me on the flow of the wind. The darkness swirls yet does not part. The wind blows yet cannot change the depth or texture of the darkness surrounding me. There are no tiny openings for light. No reference points. The absence of a frame of reference alarms me. Part of me begins to believe I am descending into a dark madness.

The whistling of the wind subsides. Silence! I strain to catch the sound of the wind. The remoteness envelopes me. As the wind blows harder and harder the darkness begins to lift. I strain to see yet wish not to see. Slowly the swirling darkness lifts up and over me. I am standing on the edge of an unbelievably beautiful chasm. Birds flit and fly through the clear, blue of the sky. The scent of flowers pouring out of every gap in the stones of the side of the chasm fill the air with a sweet aroma. The aroma is delicate. It whispers over and over of love and yet more love. A golden glow permeates every atom of the air, the flowers, the stones. I cannot tell the glow apart from the stone or the flower or the air or the birds. The air plays a melody apart from the wind, apart from everything I can see with my eyes. The air fills with a melody that permeates the golden light that permeates all that I can see.

The wind, air, melody, golden light and magnificent aroma blend, twirling and twirling together forming a strand of all that I see and experience. The strand grows longer and fills with the essence of the lovely chasm. The wind drapes the strand of all that I have seen around my neck and seems to kiss me on the cheek. Everything around me fades into a mist into a dream. I wake up. Oh,  love that will not let me go! I call Your name and You answer. I cry out and You hear. I am forever changed. I am forever Yours. Forgive my fear!

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You have an extrodinary gift with expressing things Lark. \r\n Thank you for sharing your gift with us!


Beautiful Lark..so real.