A NCC17 Taste: Innovative Approaches to Dementia Care


A NCC17 Taste: Innovative Approaches to Dementia Care

Our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference featured more than 50 sessions ranging from topics about coping with caregiving stress to managing our time to making effective decisions. One of our conference sponsors, Seniorlink, organized a panel discussion called "Innovative Approaches to Activating and Engaging Family Caregivers in Dementia Care Management."

I'm pleased to make this panel discussion available to you. You can learn more about the panel and panelists below the video. (Want more? Purchase our package of NCC17 recorded sessions.)

In 2015, nearly 16 million caregivers provided over 18 billion hours of unpaid care to those with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Despite these staggering figures, a majority of caregivers lack training and adequate skills in dementia care. Recent reports cite that 75% of caregivers feel frustrated and overwhelmed, 92% need information related to the use of non-medication approaches for managing behavioral symptoms, and that training in communication and person-centered approaches are required. Despite the availability of numerous training and educational programs, less than 3% of person-centered intervention and training manuals are evidence-based. In this discussion, panelists will explore innovative approaches to activating caregivers of people living with dementia early in their caregiving journey. Solutions to activate these caregivers should provide value not only to those who receive care but also protect caregivers against burnout, stress and mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety.

Three learning objectives:

1. Understand the various challenges caregivers confront in supporting those with dementia
2. Discuss an evidence-based approach to activating caregivers that positively impacts dementia care
3. Learn about innovative approaches and therapies in dementia care


  • Jay V. Patel, Clinical Transformation Officer, Seniorlink (moderator)

  • Ted Fisher, Vice President of Business Development, Hasbro

  • Sharon Hall, Caregiver and Blogger at Caregiving.com

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