A New Week


A New Week

pumpkins-92101_640(1)We had a good trip to N.C. last week. The leaves haven't change colors yet. It wasn't that cold, it was in the 40s or so but the cabin is well insulated. We had time to spend together.

We were tired when we got home. Mom was glad to see us so was our granddaughter. We found out today we are losing our day care help for a while and I am not thrilled about.

I have a busy weekend and next week. Tomorrow I am taking my 6-year-old nephew and 3-year-old granddaughter to Chuck E. Cheese's. I know I am setting myself up for a rough time. Saturday we are going to a Halloween party in town. On Monday I going on Rory's 'first field to the pumpkins farm, 40 kindergardeners. Oh I forgot my nephew is get recognition because of his first good report.

Bad new--we are losing our caregiver for a while since we were only using her one hour a day. I have my doubts because I worry about Mom taking a shower by herself. Hopefully it will be okay.

This is just a short note as I have to get up early in the morning.

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Good luck with 40 kindergardeners -- yikes! :)