A Nice Vacation

A Nice Vacation

(Editor's Note: We welcome a new blogger today, LauraC, who cares for her husband. You can connect with her on her profile page: @laurac.)

Hi Everyone,

I have long wanted to take a vacation. I feel so guilty just thinking about it. I look at places I would like to visit. I image going to AAA and making reservations.

That's the easy part.

The part I worry about is the PCA coverage. My spouse needs 24-hour care and I think about calling agencies and calling people and I instantly get tired. "Oh, I'll do this some other time."

The thing is it has been years now. I worry and it would be nice not to worry. So, I feel guilty admitting this to the internet world but it's a problem I know I could work through. I ask myself, "How does it feel like not having to work?"

I just need to vent. Thank you for listening.

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I get it. I do. I don't quite remember what a vacation feels like but I can fantasize...


I understand. Having an ill spouse is the same as having young children. When my husband was well and traveled for work he couldn't understand why I couldn't come to visit him as much as we both would have liked because I was responsible for children (from previous marriage). If I tried to fly out on a Friday, there had to be arrangements to get my kids to and from school. When my teenage daughter was working, there was getting her to work. If my son was involved in a sport, there was getting him to the game and/or practice. By the time I'd make all the arrangements I'd be exhausted and only want to rest when I got to where he was. Now it's like that when I've gone out of town since he has been sick. He doesn't need 24/7 care but he doesn't like being by himself so at the very least I try to arrange for a family member to visit him or something. And of course, there's stocking the refrigerator with food. I do plan to arrange some weekend getaways for myself in 2018 to take advantage of him not needing that 24/7 care yet.\r\n\r\nI hope you make some plans for a vacation. You certainly need the break.