A Nice Vacation

A Nice Vacation

(Editor's Note: We welcome a new blogger today, LauraC, who cares for her husband. You can connect with her on her profile page: @laurac.)

Hi Everyone,

I have long wanted to take a vacation. I feel so guilty just thinking about it. I look at places I would like to visit. I image going to AAA and making reservations.

That's the easy part.

The part I worry about is the PCA coverage. My spouse needs 24-hour care and I think about calling agencies and calling people and I instantly get tired. "Oh, I'll do this some other time."

The thing is it has been years now. I worry and it would be nice not to worry. So, I feel guilty admitting this to the internet world but it's a problem I know I could work through. I ask myself, "How does it feel like not having to work?"

I just need to vent. Thank you for listening.