A Note from Our CEO at Rose Villa


A Note from Our CEO at Rose Villa

Up until now everything was centered on my sweet Elsie. She has passed, quietly and gently in my arms. We made this journey together up to the end and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to share this time with her. This is the note I received from the CEO at our Community. Now the focus is on me, my recovery, and my reentry into the mainstream of life...

I keep trying to respond, but each time just feel overwhelmed on many levels. So, to use too many words…
Thank you for SHOWING our community and staff what your love and relationship with Elsie meant to you. Especially for young staff, it has been tremendously meaningful to see what it means to love and care for and commune with a chosen partner, lover, and friend.
Thank you for allowing us to be part of your relationship.
Thank you for your fierce protection of, adoration of, and respect for Elsie. It is one of your qualities that have been super clear to me from almost the day I met you. It gives a hint of your own depth and humanity and kindness and SIZE. Thank you for loving her so much and in all the ways you want to, for not giving a damn about anything else in relation to how important that relationship is to you, for making her first.
I know you will shrug it off and aw-shucks me about it, but you are an outstanding, amazing, creative, big-hearted person and for me personally as well as for this entire community, you have made us the richer for your presence and participation and example.
(Don’t worry, I have a whole other letter for Elsie. I’ll make sure she gets it. She is a wonder woman rock star and unbelievable in a million ways as well.)
I am so much more and so much less than “sad” – what a tiny word – with Elsie’s physical departure. I’m sure as hell going to miss seeing her. A human ray of sunshine.
Much love,
Vassar - CEO Rose Villa

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What a beautiful note! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. \r\n\r\nWishing you much peace and comfort holiday season. Let us know how you're doing when you can.


I am happy for you, that you have some IRL support. God bless you.


Don, that's such a sincere and heartfelt, eloquent letter you received. Thanks for sharing it with us. I learned a lot by reading it -- about you and about care giving. By the kind words I can tell they surely appreciate you. They are lucky to have you there. Elsie was even luckier to have you there to see her through this difficult journey. I'm very sorry for your deep loss and send you comfort and peace in the days ahead.


I'm glad you & Eslie shared this journey toghether & you could be with her all the way through this. \r\nYour shared a beautiful love for each other. Hugs and prayers as you enter yet another\r\njourney.


Firstly, I wish you Peace at this time of transition. Your beloved Elsie is with you, now and forever.\r\n\r\nIt's especially wonderful when heads of companies show a human side. Sounds like he was very involved and takes pride in his work. \r\n\r\nThanks for sharing this and thank you for being the model caregiver we all need to see.

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