"A Pain-Free Life"? Seriously!?!


"A Pain-Free Life"? Seriously!?!

cancel-47588_640Or, whatever happened to truth in advertising?

I keep a collection of the business cards of each of Grandma's various doctors and specialists. (To date, there are seven of them, from dentists and podiatrists to interventional pain specialist.) I'd misplaced the one from her pain doc, so I grabbed another when we were there earlier this week. That visit went pretty much as expected. The MRI had revealed nothing new. They offered her a new prescription for heavy-duty pain meds, the same one (hydrocodone) that had previously made her ill enough to be hospitalized. Sigh. (She declined that offer. )

I took a good look at that doctor's business card. At the bottom is printed their motto -- "helping you live a pain-free life".

Seriously? These are the people who tried to pressure us to take a 100-mile roundtrip drive to get the MRI done. The ones who repeatedly offer to prescribe meds which do not help and make her deathly ill even though I have reminded them ever single damn time, SHE CAN'T TAKE THAT STUFF. And they have the unmitigated gall to make a claim like that?!? Here on Planet Earth, there is NO SUCH THING as a "pain-free life". How DARE THEY make such an outrageous claim? Have they ever, even once, been able to do that for anybody?!?

Even the chairs in their waiting room are uncomfortable enough to classify as low-level torture devices. I would know, I've spent enough time in them.

I could easily go on with this rant for hours. Days, even. But I won't.

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That's like the docs who say to avoid all stress. Or the claim that my Parkinson's meds will make me feel normal. Or when I was told there were no side effects to the new medication. \r\nActually, that is much worse. Pain free life? Only if you're so medicated you can't feel anything. I'd rather feel pain than not feel. These claims perpetuate the belief that medicine CAN make your life pain free.. .and if one doesn't, then add more. It's why so many people (mostly women) became addicted to benzo's. \r\nI could go on a rant easily, too!