A Precious Final Exit Gift


A Precious Final Exit Gift

My sweet Elsie granted me the most beautiful present this past Christmas. It was obvious by Thanksgiving that she would not still be alive by the first of the year.

She reaffirmed that she was ready to go, at home, in our Honeymoon bed, with me alone beside her.

By doing this she put me in complete charge of overseeing her passing from this world while in my arms. Hospice provided a box of powerful drugs to make her final days and moments comfortable.

Never once did we falter in this final dance. Our focus on each other was intense, unwavering, and complete all the way to the end. I bathed and prepared her body for the direct cremation when it was finished.

We honored our marriage vows with the dignity, and love that they demanded, no more, no less in this final exchange of presents to each other.

Can the ending be beautiful? Yes, it can!

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Don, your journey with Elsie has been truely inspiring. Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your life with us.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with us.


Thinking of you and your family today, Don. Thank you for sharing your journey with Elsie here.


Dear Don,\r\nYour love shines in your writing of her passing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You were there for her, for each other, in the most important way. Blessings and comfort to you now and in the days ahead...