A Revised ID Badge for You (Now and After)


A Revised ID Badge for You (Now and After)

caregiver-badge-with-logo-caregiver-name-onlyA few weeks ago, I wrote about an ID badge created by @ejourneys (EJ) that you can wear during your caree's doctor's appointments, care meetings and hospitalizations. The ID badge recognizes you as a critical member of your caree's care team.

Unfortunately, Larry (@kc9hdp) ran into problems wearing his badge to his mom's doctor's appointments. Because the badge includes your caree's name, staff at the doctor's office felt it violated HIPAA regulations.

caregiver-badge-with-logoSo, I've asked EJ to revise the badge to remove the line that references your caree's name. Your revised badge also includes a tag line, "I Have Answers," to remind health care professionals that you have valuable knowledge of your caree's care and needs.

The badge fits standard-sized badge holders. Just download your badge below, print it out, cut out and fill in the badge, and place it with your choice of badge holder (pin, lanyard, etc.). Wear your badge in any setting that you want others to know you are the primary caregiver for your caree. In addition, feel free to wear your badge at support group meetings as well as caregiving conferences and workshops.

aftergiving-badge-with-logo-godspeed-caregiverAnd, because once a caregiver always a caregiver, I asked EJ to create a badge for you to wear after caregiving ends.

Download one, two or all three badges:

Download the Family Caregiver Badge with caree's name

Download the Family Caregiver Badge without caree's name

Download the Godspeed Caregiver Badge (after caregiving)

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