A Slight Rant


A Slight Rant

pills_medicationWe have another "new doctor" in the mix. She is nice and all but I don't believe she understands about RSD/CRPS.

On the "first meet" appointment I gave her different reading materials so that she can learn about Mom's condition since she will be Mom's new primary. I also gave her a month's worth of daily pain logs so she can get an idea of what Mom goes through every day.  I explained that RSD/CRPS is the most painful disease known to man.  She would smile and nod.

The new doctor started pushing for a "medication holiday" where they take away all of Mom's meds for a detox and then let her go a while with no meds whatsoever and then, if she needs medications, they might add some back.  I almost fell off of the chair, Mom's eyes teared up and she almost passed out at just the thought. I got her a waste basket because I thought she would vomit, the doctor had to open the exam room door to get some air flow.

The doctor explained (and I agree about this) that after years of being on high doses of meds, it can actually make you more sensitive to pain over time and that the way to combat this is a medication holiday (I don't agree with this for Mom). I explained that I honestly don't believe my mom's heart is physically strong enough to withstand that torture and I honestly think she would die. The doctor laughed it off saying it isn't pleasant but that is what needs to be done.

We refused and left. We are stuck as this is the new doctor. She said she won't force anything and that it is up to us. This was several weeks ago.

Well, I called to get refills on her meds and she is now saying she doesn't want to refill two of Mom's meds and that we will need to get it from another doctor. I explained that we missed the appointment of that doctor due to Mom being paralyzed and could she please write a script to tide us over until we could make the next appointment. She refused and said we would just have to deal with it and that we need to stop missing so many appointments.

Oh the joys of new doctors!

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My mom has been on pain meds for years because of her muscular dystrophy and a pressure soar she had 12 years ago that left her with no cushion to sit on. Over those years she has been through perfect doctors that want to help her not hurt and other doctors that recognize her always needing pain medicine and since they wont be able to wean her off they just refuse to treat. During a hospital stay in December the doctors decided to take her off the strong legally controlled narcotic pain meds, cold turkey, and put her on low doses of the wimpy stuff. I understood their reasoning, but cold turkey was a little harsh. Her main doctor, who is a really good one, recommended that my mom get a palliative care dr to come to the house and help with the pain meds because they don't have the same long term vs. short term pain rules to follow. I have my fingers crossed that the palliative care dr and their pain meds will help. We have never dealt with this type of doctor before, so I am not sure what to expect.\r\n\r\nMy mom has quite a tolerance for most medications, especially pain meds, so when I get into the hospital and the nurse looks at the computer and tells me she can have Tylenol I tell them that for as noneffective as a Tylenol would be they might as well give her an m&m. Then I \"inform\" the nurse what pain meds my mom takes at home and they go talk to the doctors. Frustrating having to do that every time. Each hospital stay is like the search to find a new pain dr.\r\n\r\nI hope the roller coaster ride this has been for you is a short one.\r\n\r\nKimberly


Doctors who refuse to listen to their patients are a nightmare. I truly hope you find a solution. I wonder if it would help for you to have an appointment with the doctor without your Mom? It's so difficult.


That's appalling. My mother also has been having a terrible time with doctors and has very few options. Its a terrible predicament to be in. I wish I had some good suggestions for you. I hope it works out well.


Is there any way you can get a different doctor? What an awful lack of compassion and understanding.