A Special Lane for Those Who Carry a Heavy Load


A Special Lane for Those Who Carry a Heavy Load

grocery-388302_640When you have 10 items or less, you get a special lane in the grocery store. You get to move to the front of the line, so to speak.

What if stores also had a lane for those whose load is too great to measure? A "Caregiving" lane? It's a lane just for those in a caregiving situation--for those caring for a family member or friend. You hit that lane when you're stressed, tired, worried, frazzled, short on time or simply in need of the company of others who understand.

As you line up, you have the opportunity to stand with others who appear to be strangers but are actually your brothers and sisters in arms. They know the heartache, feel the pain, experience the stress. So, while you stand in line, you receive--comfort, smiles, encouragement.

You go to spend money and leave with a complementary pick-me-up.

I'd shop there.

What do you think?

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I am right with Lillie, even tho she said it first! (good job, Lillie). This is my caregiving fast lane. I can shop as often as I want, parking is no problem, don't have to try to keep my mother from wandering off, taking off her clothes, using the men's restroom. My coupons always work, my credit card is never declined, the scale always read my perfect weight when I weigh myself. The baggers know my name and carry my bags to the car. Perfection.

Lillie Fuller

I'd be there everyday, just like I am here everyday. There is no better feeling than knowing someone really knows how you feel and they give a damn! This is great Denise. Thank you!