A Storm's A-Brewing for America


A Storm's A-Brewing for America

thunderstorm-567678_640Denise recently posted an excellent article regarding the ever-rising costs of homecare services, assisted living, and related services. I've been thinking about it ever since.

It's troubling, but not too surprising, that none of the current crop of  political candidates has had anything to say about this issue. Seems to me that anyone who seeks to be a leader really should be concerned. The consequences of just letting things continue as they are are potentially harmful, even devastating, to this nation's economy.

How many dollars in personal income taxes have already been lost, because caregivers end up quitting their jobs, or working reduced hours? How much productivity has already been lost? How many of us (like me) have zero dollars saved for their own retirement? How many people -- family caregivers and carees alike -- will end up receiving public assistance, and be buying much less in the way of consumer goods, when basic necessities become hard to afford?

How many of us are already on the brink of bankruptcy? And how many more will end up there, impoverished by hospital and nursing home and home care costs? What do you suppose will be the effect on Corporate America when few, if any of us, will be able to pay our bills? Anyone who wants a preview, can look at what's going on right now in Japan. They're dealing with a national crisis, what with an already much reduced workforce -- the result of a steadily declining birthrate -- combined with absolutely no plan in place for coping with an ageing majority. After decades of reducing rates of suicide, the numbers are rising again. Particularly among the aged. Their already wobbly economy is on the verge of tanking again.

Will it take a direct body-slam to Corporate America's bottom line, for anything to change? When we can no longer pay our bills, or buy more stuff, will our so-called leaders sit up and take notice?

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Yep!\r\n\r\nI really think if the government invested in services and programs to help family caregivers, everyone is helped. Local businesses, employers, the community, families. I've been wondering for about a year: Where's our WPA for caregiving?\r\n\r\nAnd, as you note, the impact of caregiving is not limited to today. It has far-reaching and potentially devastating implications for everyone.