A Stressful Month


A Stressful Month

fuel-2741_640Well it has been a really rough month or so. I wish things would stay calm for a while!!!

Mom tried to go into a diabetic coma four times within about three weeks. Scared me silly! I didn't know why this was happening. We had changed our diets (now eating ketogenic) and I realized that since her body is working better now (her fasting numbers have been cut in half!) that maybe the medication was too much. Or course since we are basically alone in this, we decided to start cutting down on meds. We cut out four pills a day and since then -- she hasn't had a problem. She slipped down to 34 (70-100 fasting is normal) and that was WHILE she was eating dinner. I had to call the paramedics and they couldn't believe she was still conscious. She told me later she was really fighting and was afraid she might die. They popped in an IV and pushed a whole bottle of glucose. We are praying that never happens again.

Shortly after that, our cat wasn't acting correctly -- turns out that at 14 years old, she had her first (and prayerfully only) anal gland abscess that ruptured! Of course it was at 7 p.m. on a Friday. I couldn't leave Mom and take her to town (1 1/2 hrs away) so we waited out the night. The next morning I found out there is now only one vet open here in our little town and OF COURSE he is the most expensive vet here. We didn't have a choice and it was $$. So I had a week of keeping her clean and medicated and she wore the cone of shame.

On top of that, I had to get my teeth worked on (five of my teeth all of the sudden have cavities due to the stress). We had originally planned to have me go under general anesthesia and get them all fixed at once but things just got too complicated. I didn't want to have to fly my brother out from half way across the country to take care of Mom while I had my neighbor drive me to town. Plus the anesthesiologist wanted a ton of people to sign off on the surgery -- I don't even go see a regular doctor! It was getting WAY too complicated so I asked the dentist if she would be willing to try with a local. She gave me a muscle relaxant to take every day for a week before the appointment (which I couldn't do because Mom with the diabetic coma thing and the cat with keeping her surgery site clean etc) so I was only able to take one pill the night before the appointment. I took it at 6 p.m. and my appointment was at 10:15 the next morning.

Well I was SO TERRIBLY drugged the next morning, I couldn't drive myself to the appointment! I had to call my neighbor (I probably sounded drunk - I could barely get my words out!) She came to pick me up and it took forever for me to walk to her car!  She dropped me off at the dentist and said she would come back for me. Thankfully I had written her number down on a piece of paper to give to the secretary in case I wasn't in a position to call for a pick up. When the secretary saw me she was very happy I didn't drive and I would be picked up. The dentist was running an hour behind but I didn't care. I was in my own little world! Thankfully my jaw cooperated and she was able to get in there. We had planned on doing two teeth but once she was in there, she saw that only one needed work!  YAY.  (Don't get too excited -- I still have three more to go!) She was quick and half way through the procedure it was like someone turned on the bright lights -- all of the sudden everything got really bright and clear. I realized the meds were finally out of my system and my eyes were open all of the way! So I survived the appointment and set up another appointment (Aug. 19) and they called my neighbor. She came and picked me up and I looked at her and said, You dyed your hair purple!!!  When did you do that?  She said she had done it days ago -- I was so drugged I didn't even notice my neighbor with purple hair LOL!!! I am SO glad I wasn't driving!

Also this month we have been having our check engine light pop on. I immediately took it to our mechanic (whom I trust) and he send out a guy to check the codes (I didn't even know there were codes!) and he said it is an evaporation code and I needed to drive all the way into town, to the Yoyota dealership, get a factory gas cap, and get the vehicle smoked to find out where the leak is. I asked if they could do the work but he said no, they don't have a smoker, no one in our town does, and I have to purchase a factory gas cap -- a very specific one. I asked if they could just ship the gas cap here so I can put it on, but he said no. It didn't sit right with me so I went home and talked to Mom. I was getting upset thinking I was going to have to have my brother fly out here, to watch Mom, while I spent a whole day in town with the car.

I ended up calling the mechanic back and spoke to the person I trust. I explained what was told me and he said the guy I talked to was crazy - that I can pick up a gas cap anywhere to fit the vehicle and he would even remove the old (it was attached) and put on the new one.  I went and got one and he put it on.  I explained that I felt deceived and betrayed and asked why I was told what I was told.  He said that guy doesn't like anyone else in town and if anyone needs any parts  he always sends them to town 1 1/2 hours away rather than share business! I expressed my extreme displeasure. I told him I want a note on my file that I don't want to deal with him anymore and I want his supervisor to talk to him about this. It is unacceptable in my opinion! I was assured he would be talked to; I am not the first person to complain. So got the new gas cap on and, within a week, the light popped on again, I knew I needed it smoked. Found a mechanic in town with a smoke machine and just spent four hours there and they found the leak. Of course it is in the most difficult (i.e. expensive) place for a leak and I will have to pay for three hours of labor. VERY EXPENSIVE.  But what to do? It is our only vehicle!

So money, money, money -- flying out of our hands! We are leaning on the Lord. He will provide as He always does. I can't wait to see how He will pay our bills this time!

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Tell the bats to take a hike, into the woods!!!! Thankfully the bats out here don't bother the houses, they just come to the garden and eat all the little flying buggies and then go home :D


WOOHOO - another purple haired lady!


Yes, that's a ton of stress. It sounds like you've risen to it very well. Can you cut those muscle relaxants in halves or quarters? Glad it helped you get through the dental work. Hope it goes more easily for the rest of it. Hope you get a break soon.


Oh, LH, so much! I'm hoping things have settled down for you. You have amazing resilience and a true and powerful inner strength. Know we keep you in our thoughts and prayers and that our support surrounds you.


Thanks for the update. I've been thinking of you.

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