A Swarm


A Swarm

graduation-586632_640Last night, my parents and I attended my nephew's high school graduation.

He attends a large high school so the ceremony took place at a local concert venue. Even then, the parking lot and lobby were packed. We made our way through the parking lot, up the stairs, across the lobby, down more stairs and into our seats. My mom used her cane and my dad's arm and I did my best to lead and clear the way.

My parents had spent the day in downtown Chicago at Millennium Park, an activity organized by the retirement community. Honestly, after a day like that, I think an evening out will be too much for them. I'm sure they barely drank any water while out in the sun and I'm positive they've hit their limit. They are just as positive they can do it, which I really admire. They managed the walk and the stairs without a problem.

They even worked their way through the swarm of people piling out in front of the venue after the ceremony to connect with their graduate. We navigated 18-years-old running with robes flying behind them, oblivious to the grandparents and great-grandparents fighting to keep upright. We walked around wheelchairs and transport chairs working their way over the curb. My mom even ended up in a cane face-off, with my mom winning. She barely blinked an eye as she came cane to cane with another, motoring through so the other cane holder had to stop and let my mom by. My brother and I looked wide-eyed at each other.

Honestly, I think I would have been more comfortable fighting off a bunch of bees. The potential for disaster (my mom falls) felt like only a moment away.

We arrived back at the car, intact and fall-less even after a few small stumbles. After making it back to the retirement community, my mom said as she slowly got out of the car, "It's good to be home."

Well, their home for the next week.

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Amazing, determination, funny (loved the \"cane face off\"), scary, exhausting, all wrapped into one...glad it ended with \"it's good to be home\".

Lillie Fuller

I'm glad it went well! I can't imagine taking my mom through that swarm of bees in a wheelchair!!! Kudos to you for making it work.