A Trip Down Memory Lane


A Trip Down Memory Lane

I thought I would share a couple photos of Yvonne and I through time:

Commitment Commitment

This photo was taken on 04 July 2008 during our "Commitment Ceremony".  Our Son, who was home on leave between AIT and reporting to his first duty station (Fort Drum, NY), knew that he would not be able to attend our wedding. Therefore, he wrote a beautiful set of "vows" to illustrate our commitment to one another.  It was supposed to have been filmed; however, the person holding the camera, I found out later, had switched the camera to take photos only (at least we got a beautiful picture out of it!).





Just Married Just Married

We were married at Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital in the Chapel by Chaplain (Major) James Covey.  We chose to be married at the hospital since, when we re-met, it was on a bus trip to go for separate appointments.  Had it not been for the fact that both of us were scheduled for medical appointments on the same day, at the same hospital on another installation (Fort Sam Houston), rode the same bus, and had it not been for the fact that we both have very distinctive tattoos on our arms...we might never have been blessed to run into each other again after eight years.  Oh, and another thing we shared:  the same counselor at the Behavioral Health Clinic right next door to the Chapel!  I guess there IS something good to be said for PTSD after all. ;-)



Snow Day! Snow Day!

February 2011, we had a rare snowfall in Central Texas. My unit decided to send everyone home for the day during lunch time and, when I made it home, I found Yvonne playing in the snow in the back yard; :-)

Although she can no longer stand up straight like she did in these pictures, she is still the most beautiful and sun-shining Woman I have ever had the honor of knowing and it was her smile that melted all the snow.


Holiday Ball 2012 Holiday Ball 2012

This picture was taken during the 1st Medical Brigade Holiday Ball in December 2012.  If you look closely at any pictures that I have taken/uploaded after the summer of 2012, you'll notice that I always position myself in a way that I can hold her up a little straighter than she can on her own.  I rarely take a photo, or allow one to be taken, of her in her wheel chair or her mobility scooter since, although she loves her independence, Yvonne doesn't like to be reminded that she can't stand up straight any more.  The following September, I retired from the Army and, was able to devote myself full-time to her care and comfort.




Family Walk Family Walk

One of the rare photos that shows Yvonne on her scooter.  As often as I can, I walk around the track at the Lion's Club Park that's across the road from our neighborhood.  When Yvonne is feeling up to it, she will join Bonz and I on these walks.  It's important to stay active and to do as many things together, as possible, in order for all three of us to feel as normal as possible.  You'll notice that the sun has long since set, and the street lights turned on, when this picture was taken.  We will go walking late in the evening in order to avoid the rude people in our area, and to reduce the level of anxiety we both experience on different levels.


Date Night Date Night

We still go on date nights as often as we can Although, we still do date nights at home, it's important to go out and have fun, also.  If you look very very closely, at Yvonne's right shoulder, you can see part of the scar from the oil I mentioned in a previous post.

I LOVE her smile, especially when I do something like get her a lobster to eat that is almost bigger than she is knowing that she can't eat it all, and will want to bring it home.


Well, that's all for now.  I thought I would share some smiles, pictures, and general happiness in light of the Gratitude Challenge.

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What a neat post! How lucky your wife is to have you!


Thanks so much for sharing the photos! You two have an amazing love story. I'd like to hear how it all began one of these days. :-)


Thanks for sharing John, Yvonne is a beautiful lady and she's blessed to have you in her life.


Yvonne has the most luminous smile -- just beautiful!


Great pictures, John. Thanks for sharing them.

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