A Trip to See a Friend


A Trip to See a Friend

IMG_1424 Never too old for a before haircut/perm selfie!

Elly and Mary have been friends an awfully long, long time. They went to church together before they both retired. After Sunday School, they would go out to lunch and their husbands also enjoyed a friendship. I don't remember which one promoted to heaven first; I think it was Elly's husband then a few years later, Mary's husband also. Mary is only two years younger than Elly but very spry. We saw her a couple of summers ago at the zoo with her great-grandkids.

Mary moved to a retirement apartment about 30 minutes away and gave up driving her car (at 90 years old). Mary has some family in the area and they do get her around a little. I have mentioned to Elly that we should go and check out Mary's new place. Elly made excuses about how she didn't want to go to that "retirement" place because of the people she knew were there (not Mary). I asked again last week before we went on vacation and Elly said she would like to go, so we arranged a "play date" for Elly and Mary!

When we arrived, I had to call Mary to find out where we should park and find her apartment since there were garden apartments and terrace apartments. Mary came out to the car and reached into the half open window before I could get it down further, gave me a hug! She did the same to Elly! We parked and walked into a beautiful homelike lobby and went up to the third floor to Mary's apartment. She was proud to show me around and then I excused myself and went downstairs to do some reading. I told Mary to just call me when they were done.

We had more hugs as we left and I assured Mary that I would bring Elly again. I made sure Mary understood that I would come and get her if Elly couldn't make it out. They both had such a wonderful time, beaming at each other! Elly said something to one of my sisters that she was wondering what it would cost to move there. I am hoping this is just a beginning of visits for the two of them!

On that note, I am more compelled to try to address Oasis Adult Day Care for Elly once or twice a week. She has so much to talk about and reads so very much that she would be a delight to those around her. She really needs the socialization and really does perk up after being out of the house. I had the conversation and faced real resistance but pushed on to suggest we go out on Monday just to visit. So that is the plan.

Haircut Selfie After

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Lillie Fuller

It is always great to see old friends. I'm so happy you do that for Elly. I love the pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Anthony Zullo

It's always great to see old friends