A Way Out


A Way Out


I Smile by Kirk Franklin

There are days when nothing seems
to work out right.

When darkness crowds around me
blocking the sunlight.
There are days when sorrow fills me up
And I cannot seem to look past the sense
that all is lost.
And there are days when helplessness robs
me of my joy and my strength
I am an overcomer!
There is a way out!
I do these things to find my way and
I offer them to you.
I tell God I am lost and I need Him.
I call a friend who cares
and loves me.
I know the darkness is a lie that I buy into.
I know the helplessness is a trap I fall into 
I know the sorrow is honest and I feel it.
I know when I feel that all is lost I can choose 
To find ways to lift my spirits even
if nothing changes
Because I am an overcomer and I
may get down and out
There is a way out and
I choose it!
The link I posted below is one of the songs I listen to when I cannot find my way. I have been so lost in the past couple of months and I lost my way. I could not find it on my own but I found this song and this song woke me up and reminded me that I have a choice. We have a choice. I hope you will choose to listen to this song. I pray it will bless you as it blesses me.  There is a way out.

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Love this tune, the words....thanks for sharing this with us Lark!


I Love this! Music and words of remembering where we are in relationship to our Father in heaven will get us back on track!!