A Week Away. . .


A Week Away. . .

sandals-186437_640Sunday I am leaving for a week to be with my BabySister near the coast. She asked me if I was still interested in helping with her business as she is going to be the only vendor at a conference. It will be somewhat a vacation for me, near the ocean and living in a hotel for a week. I will be eating out the whole time while spending quality time with my sister and her partner. I will have virtually no expenses so it sounds  great. It took me some time to accept this very generous offer. You see, I was settled and contented with the plan AH and I had for this summer, No Vacation. We just have a family reunion at the end of July, out of town, near the ocean.

I am working at being content, so I've been thinking about how I feel so fortunate to have some of the things we have today. We have two cars paid off and we sold our camping trailer which was becoming a burden of repairs. Elly has turned a bit of a corner with less negativity and acceptance of her physical limitations. I really felt I could enjoy the summer by working in my garden in the mornings and hanging out in the nice air conditioned home for the rest of the hot day! To be offered a week away made me examine my priorities and how I would handle a promise AH and I made about me not leaving him alone with Elly for extended periods of time because of the frustrations they have with one another. So, after praying about my heart attitude and asking AH to discern whether it would be a good thing for me to leave for the week, we decided, Yes. Actually AH said I should go. I am grateful for my sister for seeing this as an opportunity to support my needs for respite. I am grateful that her partner values this same opportunity!

Along with this decision, just about every day this week, Elly has asked me to invite my sisters over for lunch. Every day, I remind Elly that she will need to call them and invite them to come. I have explained that if I make the arrangements, it feels like the Big Sister is ordering a meeting rather than the Grandma asking for the Grands to join her for lunch and socialization. Both sisters know that they are welcome at our table especially on Sundays now that the formal "Sunday Lunch" has been suspended. Due to "family issues", the sisters don't always feel like getting together to come to lunch on Sundays. The brokeness of a mother's emotional issues, a divorce, and separation from family has left deep scars as hurts that can't just be overcome after a couple of years or more. I am 15.5 years older than BabySister and NurseySister is only about a year and a half younger than me. We grew up in very different family circumstances and cultures than BabySister. We "lost" BabySister for a number of years to lies and hurt but are now able to work on dispelling some of those things by affirming what was really true. I am grateful for this relationship building opportunity for both BabySister and me. I look forward to laughing together, having her teach me her business and getting to know her better as an adult sibling. As a child, BabySister would come and visit AH and I when we lived there on the Coast so we have some good memories from the coast. This is where BabySister learned to ride a bike, went to college, met her partner and then lived until a couple of years ago before moving closer to us.

I am not sure if I will make it to the chat room this week, but know that I will be more than ready to get back after the week to chat and catch up. I will definitely have time to read and respond to your blogs along with my rest and relaxation.

I don't have worries about leaving Elly. I have been aware that Elly's stability, balance and strength have diminished since I have been on Summer break. My concern is that she would not do something that would have her end up in the hospital! I am not sure how many birthdays she will be around to celebrate after this year, it seems we are winding down, getting ready to graduate to the heavenlies. I will go expecting to see her when I get back with stories to tell of Sophie's adventures and AH's cooking! Oh, and there will be stories about the caregiver I have hired but not met yet who is to come and enjoy Elly's company two hours a day during the lunch hour!

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I am soooo glad you are going, EG!! \r\n\r\nHave a wonderful time and take lots of pictures. :) Enjoy!!!


Have a wonderful time! I'm really glad you're getting this vacation. Sounds like everything is coming together like it's \"meant to be.\" :-)


I am so happy for you that you get a freebie vacation, and happy your AH is supporting you in the decision. Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. I hope you are able to let go and trust all your preparations for it (including the excellent care you have given Elly prior to this time) and that you can fill up the vessel that is you. Looking forward to hearing all your stories when you get back. There will always be stories......

Lillie Fuller

Have a great time EG! Enjoy the company and the R&R! I look forward to hearing all about it!