A Weekly Comfort: Send


A Weekly Comfort: Send


Somehow, it became all about sending.

You send updates via text and email to people who second guess you. You send paperwork for that appeal which makes you run like a hamster on a wheel. You send payments for bills you hope won't bounce.

You send.

And, then it's returned. More questions, more unsolicited suggestions you have to explain away. More paperwork to move the appeal forward. More bills that need more money.

When will you receive?

Sometimes, we have to think about receiving in a different way to realize we are given. Maybe our mailbox doesn't hold our riches (although it would be nice if it did). Our gifts come from our peace of mind which comforts, our values which guide us into the light, our decisions which come from our heart.

Because of our gifts, our regrets don't send us down the road of sleepless nights, down the path of heartache because we didn't, down the highway of cowards because we couldn't.

It's true that some days we send more than we receive. When we arrive at the end, though, we see the whole scale and that we received so much more than we imagined.

During the drudgery of sending, rest assured that you also receive. You will be rewarded.

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Thanks for the reminder that there are so many gifts on this journey. Maybe not what we envisioned....and maybe not easily seen, but beautiful, loving gifts.