A Wellness Fair for Those Who Care


A Wellness Fair for Those Who Care

building-422260_640About 2 1/2 years ago, I presented a seminar to the Sacramento Valley Association of Legal Administrators called "Managing the Working Family Caregiver." (Thank you so much, @trish, for making that presentation happen!!)

During the presentation, I offered ideas employers can use to help a working family caregiver, including holding a wellness fair. The fair is like a benefits fair, except it's specific to caregiving. Local community organizations and providers exhibit during the fair so that family caregivers can conveniently connect with potential solutions.

This summer it occurred to me that I should offer this solution to employers.

I'm happy to announce our newest solution to help working family caregivers: Wellness Fairs for Those Who Care.

Wellness Fair for Those Who Care™ brings solutions to where family caregivers are–the workplace. Solutions to help family caregivers are available in our communities. But the time and energy it takes to connect with the right solutions are huge obstacles for family caregivers.

Wellness Fair for Those Who Care™ can last as long as needed–all day, a different times during the day to accommodate different shifts or just for a few hours. The fair will feature local providers, community organizations and social service agencies that family caregivers can use to help manage their caregiving experience.

There is no cost to the employer to hold a fair. We organize the logistics and provide promotional materials to help an employer get the word out about the fair to employees. The employer just needs to provide a space and a date.

We'd love to hold a Wellness Fair for Those Who Care™ at your workplace. Please feel free to share information about Wellness Fairs for Those Who Care with your company's Human Resource department or any of your company's affinity groups, like a Diversity group.  If you'd like more information, please feel free to send me an email.

Learn more about Wellness Fairs for the Those Who Care.

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