Back from the Ocean and Reflections


Back from the Ocean and Reflections

And so I am back from Ocean City. With the help of my son, the 3 Amigos made the three-hour journey to our time share in Ocean City, MD. As much as I have been looking forward to this trip, I knew on some level it would be painful. The last time we were there, we strolled the boardwalk, sat on the beach, mini golfing. Just "being with" as was our normal. This trip required the assistance of my son for safety. My beloved became so confused at times that the change of scenery and routine was a challenge. We took the trolley down the boardwalk and the weather was perfect. He use to "fill my cup" ( make me feel special) by holding hands during these long walks. Well, hand holding on the trolley was equally as special. Gotta make the best of what "is".

My take away was life altering. Life has really changed, my husband is really fragile. I love this man so deeply.

The ocean still has the same calming effect it has always had for me.

Self care has to be a priority, I need to prepare for the twist and turns in our journey. Caregivingliving offers the opportunity to be reflective and transparent. I speak my truth and so I live my truth.

The trip was challenging and I am exhausted but he saw the ocean and had ICE CREAM. Now that's WINNING !!!!!


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\"Now that is winning\" says it all, Kimmy. What a treasure of a wife and caregiver you are, friend! Thank you for your post.


Beautiful. Thank you.