calculator-icon-mdCaregiving can seem like one big numbers game.

You can count on one hand how many times another family member has offered to help. You won't even guess how many handfuls of M&Ms you gulped yesterday. You can't keep up with the number of doctors' appointments. You hate to keep track of how many nights you and your caree have spent in the hospital. You dread computing the costs of your caree's care.

The math just gives you a migraine.

When you're tempted to tally, look to a different set of numbers. Count your blessings, no matter how small. Your blessings multiple when you add them up.

How are you blessed? Please share in our comments section, below.

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My blessings include but are not limited to:\r\n1. You all. Thank you so much, Denise, for making all this possible.\r\n2. Other good friends and the technologies that let us keep in touch.\r\n3. The wonderful soul that my partner still is and the love that we still share.\r\n4. Our support groups.\r\n5. The other people who accept my partner as she is and who thus make the world seem a little safer to her.\r\n6. The doctors and other healthcare providers who understand and who are in our corner.\r\n7. Everything that nurtures my creativity.\r\n8. My good health, knock on wood.\r\n9. The basics: food, shelter, transportation.\r\n10. The extras, from my computer to my exercise equipment and more.\r\n11. Good clients and good work.\r\n12. Nature, and the blessings of taking respite within it.\r\n13. The life I've been able to live, both in the past and now. \r\n14. The things I've survived and that have made me resilient, including everyone who has helped me in this journey.\r\n15. The fact that my sense of wonder remains intact.


I am blessed with family to support and encourage - Hubby, Sisters, my sons, church family and friends from college days. We support and encourage each other, it's mutual! \r\n\r\nI receive blessings through my desire to \"abide in the Branch\", enduring the pruning which happens as I go through our caregiving adventure, the most intense one I have been on yet!\r\n\r\nCaregivers on this site, especially Denise have been a huge blessing, helping me grow in maturity as I question, get frustrated, blow up and share my heart.\r\n:)