Adding Another Sibling to the Mix


Adding Another Sibling to the Mix

car-369825_640Kevin, our snow shoveler, has earned his keep. He's dependable, hard worker, thoughtful.

He also helps out in ways we didn't expect.

A few weeks ago, my mom ran into a bit of challenge trying to get to her bridge game (she LOVES to play bridge). I had a work commitment, my dad had a volunteer commitment and a recent snow storm made my mom think twice about driving and making her way through icy, snowy sidewalks. She called her bridge partner, Kevin's mom, to share her concerns.

Kevin, overhearing the phone conversation between my mom and his mom, said, "I'll go pick her up!" His mom decided she could do it so Kevin didn't need to provide transportation. My parents and I got such a kick out of Kevin's offer. Mom joked, "He's like another son!"

Today, Bridge Day, posed another problem because of our bitter cold weather. So, Kevin came to pick up my mom, driving all the way up our driveway to our back door to get her and then bringing our moms to the bridge game, getting them as close to the front door as he could. He then picked them up and provided the same service home--door to door.

I just love when help comes in such unexpected and wonderful ways.

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Awesome! What a great kid! Or young man! Or whatever he is - he's great! It's a good reminder of how a relatively small effort can make a huge difference to someone else.


Your post reminds me that there are SO many people out there who are more than willing to help. Great reminder!