Admission to Care Facility


Admission to Care Facility

tear_drops_1.svg.medI have not posted in a while (partly because I couldn't or didn't take the time to sign up through wordpress, not sure what it was before) and some because we have been going through a lot of changes. It is hard to put thoughts and emotions down on "paper" for everyone to see.

Gpa  (my dear father-in-law) is now a resident of a nearby care facility. The decline, decision, and ongoing process has been since January. He has been staying there 24/7 since one week ago today.

Many emotions - despair, relief, excitement, heartache, etc.--are involved in this process. Some of them are still too raw to discuss.

I know many of the staff there because of working in the medical field. They are loving on him and trying hard to make him comfortable. I want to thank people here and on the lbda forum for many good ideas I have gleaned to make this transition as easy as possible. Thanks @Kathy for your good information on having medical records and information ready.

I have also been able to give two in-services so far and have another one scheduled next week. I found some good resources from the Whitworth's website.  The staff have been very grateful for the information on Lewy Body Dementia and how it differs from Alzheimer's. They appreciated the extra insight on how to care for Gpa easier.

I have been on and reading your blogs. I just needed to remain in the shadows for a while.  Thanks for understanding.

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Hi, Aimee -- I agree with Denise. I am thankful that you know the staff and you're a coordinated team. You've worked and are working hard and have laid a solid foundation for all this change.\r\n\r\nBe gentle with yourself and keep taking the time you need to process. We'll leave the lights on for you. (((Hugs)))


Hi Aimee--I think you're handling such a difficult decision with such grace. I LOVE that you are giving in-services--how amazing is that!\r\n\r\nYou provide such loving care to your father-in-law, Aimee. The facility is simply an extension of that loving care.\r\n\r\nWhen you're ready to write more, we're here, ready to listen.\r\n\r\n:)