Adventures in Food Shopping


Adventures in Food Shopping

Today was my day to shop for food for the week. I had planned my trip--with plans being just me--when my husband asked if I minded if he came along, "just to get out".


Not a problem. (While my mind is screaming, NO! NO! NO!)

So we head off to the local grocery store.

Now, I have five children who all came food shopping with me at any given time when they were little. I never, ever had any issues with any of them. They were well behaved. They never got in peoples' way, they never pulled things off the shelves--and no, I'm not dreaming--they were truthfully good kids.

Karma or something got me back because food shopping with my husband is like shopping with the two-year-old I never had.

I have to to ask him to keep his hands on the cart because, if not, he's grabbing things and dropping them in the cart and messing with my budget.

But then I have to watch what he's doing because he is a rude cart driver--cutting people off, almost running into them, "driving" down the middle of the aisle.

Then today I got the double whammy: When I looked away, he walked away from the cart, leaving it in the middle of the aisle and went to a display and grabbed something and tossed it in the cart!

The final trick? We were in the frozen food aisle and I'm trying to think if I needed anything else from this aisle and I'm mentally going through my menus for the week and trying to tick everything off and match it with what's in the cart, when I hear my husband's voice:

"Look! French fries! Is that a good price? It's french fries - is that a good price for shoestrings?" over and over.

I was mean. I snapped, "Shut up"

I know--not nice. And I apologized right after explaining that he was interrupting my train of thought and no, we didn't need french fries and no, it wasn't a sale price.

I gave birth to five.

I think he's that sixth child everyone thought I had (hiding in my husband's body) but he is definitely NOT as well-behaved as the others.




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