Medicare 101


Medicare 101


As President of Aetna Medicare and a former caregiver for his parents, Christopher Ciano brings a unique perspective to the Medicare conversation. He oversees operations and business strategy for Aetna’s robust portfolio of Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare prescription drug plans, and Medicare Supplement plans. An advocate for the aging population, Christopher is passionate about simplifying health care and helping Aetna’s more than 9.8 million Medicare members nationwide achieve their best health.

Christopher talks about his experiences as a former caregiver, the impact this had on his role as the President of Aetna Medicare, and what all caregivers should know about the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period:

“I started to see the challenges of my parents and what they were experiencing through the healthcare system. It actually gave me a great passion to want to do things differently in my role at Aetna. I realized we could deliver health care better for seniors across the country and that we need to make it simpler…it really began to fuel my passion for improving the way we coordinate care and simplifying how we communicate information to seniors.”

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