After All These Years


After All These Years

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This August 25, 2016 will be sixteen years since my husband Tim had his stroke at the young age of fifty. Wow to look back after all these years and remember what we have been through, how we’ve grown and what we have learned. I have grown to admire Tim. He is my hero, he is the true picture of what love, grace, forgiveness is all about, not to mention the patient he has for me. Tim was left with aphasia, a speech disorder after his stroke which not only took his verbal words but his written words. Aphasia is a loss of language, not intellect. It is an indescribable disorder to have and to live with for us both. How do we communicate you may ask. Speech is something we take for granted. Just image knowing what you want to say but it will not come out. Just image playing charades every time you want to communicate. That’s our life….

After all these years to think about what we have achieved together, never in my wildest dreams did I think we would be where we are. We thought our lives were over, that we would never have any kind of life. We were so wrong. We have an unbelievable life together. It's different and sometimes difficult but who has a life with or without a disability that is difficult-free. It’s not Tim just depending on me because of his disabilities; we depend on each other. The hardest part for us at the beginning was learning to first forgive the medical team that did not treat Tim at the ER properly, the medical insurance that refused to play for rehab, the people that disappeared. Have a communication disorder and see people scramble. We have both learned that we cannot control the life we are dealt here on earth what we can control is how we deal with it. We have laughed and we have cried throughout these years together but we know we have each other.

Tim, I am so honored to have been on this life journey with you. Thank you for showing me and others around you how to communicate without words how to love, laugh, forgive and be happy no matter what. You are truly amazing.

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I just love reading about your husband about the two of you as a team.\r\n\r\nThanks so much for this post and for all you do. :)


Thanks so much for sharing your journey \"toghether\". It was very encouraging to us! (I shared it with my DH)


You have a beautiful way of describing your life! Thank you for sharing!