After Giving: A New Chapter


After Giving: A New Chapter

I have not been on here in a long time. If you recall I would blog about my mom Grace who suffered from mixed dementia.

Last Thursday our beloved Graceldoor (Her Lord of the Rings name) passed on to where I believe is a better place. Near the end she suffered from muscle contractions and painful swallowing.

I prayed almost every day for her pain to end. I hated to see her suffering in the end.Hospice was very kind and helpful the past few months. I was also dealing with selling our house and moving to a smaller one during all of this.

Last week with the home inspections going on, hospice suggested that my mom go to skilled nursing for five days. While there she passed on. I believe the timing was right.

I had worried about her passing at home. She lived a great life and I am glad I had her as a mother. I plan to take Denise's class to assist other caregivers and use my experience to help others.

I have been a caregiver so long I don't even know what to do anymore. I do know I want to help other families and bring awareness to the long suffering and lack of support for family caregivers. Something needs to change.

A fresh start in my new adorable down-sized house and a new freedom from caregiving is something I am  very thankful for. I believe Mom is enjoying her new house up in heaven. It's bittersweet but sometimes change can be good.

Her memorial service is Monday. I am also  thankful she left a prepaid policy from her employer so I didn't have a financial burden. I am dealing with the anger toward my siblings not helping me very much and all of the sudden becoming my BFF's. Hopefully I can retain my composure sitting with them. If you don't see me on the news next week being taken away for slapping someone at the service, I will be back and ready to deal with the after giving process.

Thank you Denise for giving me a place to stay sane. Well most of the time.

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Rachel Hiles

Miss Angie, I am sorry for your loss. I know this must be a difficult time for you. I can't wait to see what the next chapter of your journey brings.


My sympathy to you and your family. It is not an easy thing to lose a loved one but we all will go that path someday. Let's just be happy that they are no longer suffering from whatever pain they're going through. Things happen for a reason. Stay positive! Stay strong.

Lillie Fuller

I'm very sorry for your loss. I wish you peace in your heart.


Hi, Miss Angie. You and I go way back. Your humor then as well as now served you well. You are so right that \"change can be good.\"\r\nI extend my sympathies at your great loss. Thank you for sharing your story here with us.


I am so sorry, Angie. I just loved getting to know your mom through you. You provided such loving care for your mom. Please keep writing and updating us on how you're doing. It helps all of us when you share what life is like (and how you create your life) after caregiving ends.